Welcome to the home of the Whitewater Valley Railroad, an operating railroad museum, on the World Wide Web.  The WVRR has saved the Dearborn Tower from being torn down.  More information to come in the future. Heralds from the Railroads that ran over the WVRR rails

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Whitewater Valley Railroad Data Sheet
Unit No: WVRR 210 Owner: WVRR Builder Plate: 28566 Report Date: 18-Jan-04
Builder: General Electric Model: 70 ton switcher Year Built: Dec.1946 Year Rebuilt: NA
Service: switcher HP: 600 Axle: 4 Maximium Speed: 55
Length Between Coupler: 37' 0 Fuel Capacity(US GLS): 500 Cooling System: 100 Weight: 70 tons
Lube Oil Capacity (US GLS): 125 Compressor Mdl: West 3-CD (not orig) Last Overhaul: Never Done
Engine Model: Cooper-Bessemer FWL-6T Gear Ratio: 105:15 Turbo: missing Traction Motors: GE 731-D3
Truck Model: GE Switcher Type Journal Boxes: Plain Bear Journal Size: 5.5 x 10
Brake Schedule: 14EL Brake Shoe Type: A-28-A Cast Iron Dyn Brake: NA
Engine Stroke: Min Curve Radius: 75' Coupler Type: E60 Sand Capacity: 12 cu ft
Wheel Diameter: 36 Truck Centers: 6' 10 Truck Rigid Wheelbase: 26' 3 In Service: NO
Main Generator: GE GT 552 Aux Gen: Rewired: NA In Service: NO

Built for Calumet Hecla Copper in Michigan where it once was painted in a red striped scheme. The engine was extensively modified by the mine including the replacement of the original air compressor with a larger unit that required the additon of a bulge on the engineer's running board. It last worked for the Central Wisconsin alongside a fleet of former Milwaukee Road FM switchers. The WVRR purchased the unit for $4,000 from the bankrupt railroad. While in poor condition mechanically it operated on the WVRR for several years. It was found to have frame damage that was repaired by the WVRR and other truck damage. A turbocharger failure and the need for rings and other serious engine work forced the WVRR to discontinue use of the well worn locomotive. It was known to be rough riding and had limited pulling power due to its general condition and truck design. No plan for its disposition is in place at this time.

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